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  1. Sans_Undertale

    Format Discussion Scarlet/Violet Random Battle Sets

    I would like for the Gogoat set to be altered. The things I like about it are its Tera Type and Ability. It currently uses Earthquake, Horn Leech, Bulk Up, and Milk Drink. However, this not only fails to effectively damage types such as Bug, and Flying; two of its weaknesses, but also its own...
  2. Sans_Undertale

    Format Discussion Past Gens Random Battle Sets

    Yes, my request is a change to the gen 7 rhydon set to have lightning rod 100% of the time, i was faced against a pyukumuku with soak, and it killed my rhydon with another pokemons electric move after soak. Some may argue it’s a “niche ability” or “trace Pokémon” but that’s not the point it...
  3. Sans_Undertale

    Showdown won’t load

  4. Sans_Undertale

    Showdown won’t load

  5. Sans_Undertale

    Showdown won’t load

    im pretty sure you messed that joke up
  6. Sans_Undertale

    Showdown won’t load

    I posted this is technical support before but nobody even checks technical support so I’m asking here instead i haven’t been able to play showdown for 2 months it just says loading but it never does load or anything no matter how long I wait I have plenty of stprage on the device but it still...
  7. Sans_Undertale

    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    iPadOS 15.3.1 safari So this like alkassab’s situation started like 2 weeks ago it’s the same problem they’re currently having where I can access the site but nothing loads only team builder which all I can do is create new teams and boxes cant do anything else I don’t know what the problem is...
  8. Sans_Undertale

    Not loading

    Pokemon showdown is not loading for me this was never a problem before but it’s been like this for a couple weeks my storage isn’t full or anything it just isn’t loading at all all I can access is the teambuilder to edit and make teams can’t even choose the team format
  9. Sans_Undertale

    I noticed that you wrote the gen 8 national dex for heatran yet all that’s there are the sets...

    I noticed that you wrote the gen 8 national dex for heatran yet all that’s there are the sets and nothing else if this was a mistake please fix this if not could you please explain why you didnt write anything regarding the set details of heatran in gen 8 nat dex thank you very much